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What is a Matterport 3D Showcase?

It’s a fully interactive, 360 degree, 3-dimensional representation of the interior which allows the viewer to “walk” through the property, look up and down, and move from floor to floor.


Which rooms are included?


We will scan any accessible parts of the property where the Matterport camera and tripod can be safely positioned.  Small closets/pantries and garages are generally not included; however, the garage can be included upon request.  Unfinished spaces are usually included unless otherwise requested.


Please note that we will scan as much as possible in order to have a more complete floorplan and dollhouse view, but scans of certain rooms can be disabled if you don’t wish to have them accessible in the walkthrough.

How long does it take to scan a property?


Length of the shoot varies depending on conditions such as lighting and layout but, generally, you should anticipate 45 minutes per 1,000 square feet.


Do you include the exterior?


In most cases, no.  The Matterport camera is designed for indoor use; however, depending on the weather conditions, it may be possible to successfully scan exterior features such as patios and decks.  Such spaces are not included in the basic price and cannot be guaranteed.


Do I still need professional photos?


While it is possible to capture screenshots from the Matterport model, they are low-resolution and generally not a good alternative to professional photos.


How soon will I receive the completed model?


The completed model is usually delivered within 24 to 48 hours.


What is included in the final product?

You receive the Showcase (walkthrough), Dollhouse, and Floorplan Views.  Links to the model include:  a Branded view that can be used for social media and/or sent to clients; an Unbranded view that complies with MRIS requirements.

If you wish to embed the model into your website, we can provide you with the necessary HTML code.


If I see something in the model that I don’t want to show, can it be edited?


No.  Unlike still photos, Matterport models cannot be edited.


Can I download the Matterport model to my computer?


No, Matterport models are stored on the Matterport servers and are only accessible via an Internet connection. 


How long will the model be available for viewing?

Matterport models are hosted for 1 year.  Additional years of hosting incur a $50 fee per year.

Are floorplans available?

Yes, printable 2-dimensional floorplans are available for an additional fee.  Floorplans must be ordered when scheduling the scan.

Will I be able to stay in the property while it’s being scanned?

For best results, it’s important that no people or pets be in the property during the scanning process.

How should I prepare the property for the Matterport scan?

See “Preparing the Home for a Matterport Scan”.

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