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Allowing potential buyers to tour your home via a Matterport model is the same as having them tour the home personally.  EVERYTHING is visible and cannot be edited out later so it’s important to make sure your home is prepared properly.  Use these tips to make sure your home shows perfectly.

  • Depersonalize as much as possible – if you don’t want people to see family photos, diplomas, awards, etc., remove them before the scan.

  • If your child’s bedroom has his/her name spelled out on the wall or otherwise visible, you may wish to remove it.  

  • Turn on all lights.  Make sure all light fixtures have the proper type of bulbs—do not mix fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.  Replace any burnt out bulbs.  

  • Turn off ceiling fans and TVs; remove any moving objects such as mobiles or balloons.

  • Eliminate as much clutter as possible, including children’s toys, clothing, piles of newspapers/magazines.  Remove anything from the floor that doesn’t belong on the floor.

  • Make sure mirrors are squeaky clean as any spots or streaks will be clearly visible in the model.

  • In bathrooms, remove toiletries and other personal items from counters, tubs, and showers; close toilet lids; remove/replace old or dirty towels, washcloths, etc.  

  • Stow or unplug dangling cables/wires on computers and TVs.

  • In the kitchen, remove most, but not all, items from the counters.  Items that can be left out might include:  decorative canisters, a colorful bowl or platter, no more than one countertop appliance.  You want it to be uncluttered, but not sterile.  Items to remove or hide from view include:  dish towels, pet dishes, trash cans.  Remove everything (magnets, pictures, calendars, etc.) from the outside of the refrigerator.  

  • Make all beds neatly (avoid wrinkles, lumps, etc.); clear dressers of personal items.

  • Remove anything behind or over doors that prevent them from opening or closing fully.

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